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    Doughnut was started in 2007 as a hobby by two friends who met at University in Hong Kong. Using their family owned factory they started designing backpacks just for fun. In the intervening years it has grown into a successful business making high quality and hand crafted backpacks, bag accessories and other travel essentials. The brand is now stocked in over 20 countries and has a cult following.

    It always seem impossible until it's done. At Doughnut, we believe if you can dream it, you can achieve it. This is the reason we are dedicated to design product that can accompany you and take care of you along the way. And this is our commitment to be there with you to Pack Your Dream.


    The entire Doughnut Collection was established with a commitment to making perfectly crafted backpacks with a modern sophistication. Until now, we continue on the same path, unsparing in our demand for perfection. We pay attention in detail from design concept to even a zipper head to ensure that all our products are fine tuned with not only good but the best quality.