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      Doughnut Bags Reborn Series

      We are excited to introduce our Reborn Series, our first eco-friendly collection made from recycled materials. 

      Not willing to compromise on quality we have partnered with Repreve, the world-renowned pioneers of recycled fabrics, to supply us with recycled fabrics. These fabrics have the same qualities you’d expect from Doughnut; strong, durable, abrasion resistant, water resistant and quick drying.

      9-10 plastic water bottles go into each of the bags available in the collection but that’s just the start; the fabrics in this collection use 45% less energy, emit more than 30% less greenhouse gas and uses 20% less water compared to virgin polyester.

      To minimise on new materials our signature leather finishes are also made from recycled leather throughout the collection. Even the packaging is made from biodegradable plastics and the bag we ship them in is also made from recyclable materials.

      We began working on this collection in 2018 and are excited about sharing our journey towards a more sustainable future and hope that you will join us.

      Doughnut Bags Reborn Series 2021
      Doughnut Bags Reborn Series sustainable credientials
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