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    We are very confident and proud about the quality and production standards of our bags, but we know that our customers need to feel confident as well.

    So we offer a 3 year 'limited liability' warranty for any item purchased

    - from any store within the EU territory.

    - any goods purchased from this website, irresepective of your location in the world.

    - for items purchased at a store outside of the EU please refer back to that store for warranty conditions within that territory.

    What this means is we cover all manufacturing, normal wear and tear, day to day use faults that may unfortunately occur within 3 years from the date you made the purchase.

    We do not cover faults that arise from abnormal useage. Carrying bricks in your backpack would be a good example of this. We resereve the right to have the final say on this issue.

    You can obtain full warranty conditions on request.

    In order to confirm the warranty timings we will need your prooof of purchase that includes the purchase date.

    If you made the purchase from this website please contact us at info@doughnutofficial.co.uk.

    If you bought the item from one of our reseller partners please contact thier customer serives department directly to handle your request.